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AI art wiki guidelines

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If you want to write something, but have no idea what, check these lists of unfinished articles:

General recommendations[edit | edit source]

  • The main purpose of this wiki is to be a hub of useful information. To be useful as source of information, it need to be not blacklisted by search systems.
    • Don't upload links to leaked proprietary software.
    • Keep illustrations safe for work
  • Convert grids and sample images to JPEG first. By default, txt-to-image models generate PNG images, and those are heavy.
  • Lists and tables: if you have new content to add, add them below. This will help return visitors and translators.

Translations[edit | edit source]

If page already has <languages> block on top of it, this step isn't needed. To mark page for translation, go to Special:PageTranslation, then feed it link to translatable page. Then go there, click "mark page for translation" link on top, and select your language.

  • AI art wiki is English-first. Before editing translation, check the main page and see if it's ok.
  • Translation guide on Mediawiki
  • If already translated page contains long lists or tables, check if anything new have been added on main page.
  • Don't include links that make no sense in context of given language, and feel free to add extra contextual links on translation pages. For example, it's ok to link to external guide in Spanish translation of page, but it would probably be useless on English page.

Parsing[edit | edit source]

Scripts to automatically download pages and convert them into Mediawiki markup.