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Stable Diffusion webui/install

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This page lists guides for installation of Stable Diffusion webui.

Stable Diffusion webui is a browser interface based on Gradio library for Stable Diffusion. Currently it is the most common way to run Stable Diffusion.

Performance comparison between different video cards

There are multiple ways to install it. It is recommended to run Stable Diffusion on computers with videocard having 6Gb memory or more. If it isn't the case, consider running Stable Diffusion in cloud. This means that heavy computations will be done on another, strong computer over internet. While it is possible to run SD on older videocards or even CPU, it is much slower, and eventually you might want to use your own computer to run a graphical editor for inpainting.

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Cloud[edit | edit source]

Google Colab is an online service that allows its users to run python scripts and applications from browser with Google's own dedicated computing power. It requires a google account. To run SD on colab it is required to have a notebook, sometimes referenced to as colab. It contains executable code. To use a colab, you usually need to clone it into your cloud by pressing file/Save a Copy in Drive.

List of colabs[edit | edit source]

Other services[edit | edit source]

Locally[edit | edit source]

Linux[edit | edit source]

Windows[edit | edit source]

Mac[edit | edit source]