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Guides/CharacterAI guide by Wyrmer

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Here’s a guide made by Wyrmer (known for his lewd La+ and many others). It covers what you should do to push your wAIfu or lewd bot to the next level.

1. Create a private chatbot for proofreading[edit | edit source]

You can skip this part if you are a good author.

This one will be used to evaluate your writing and improve it. Mine only had a description like this:

Long description: Extremely eloquent, Perfect grammar, Great Author, Genius
Greeting: Please give me text to revise
Short description: I’m an AI tool created to revise and improve text

In retrospect I should’ve probably trained it a bit more. We’ll use this to polish the AI’s output and our own writing later.

2. Greeting[edit | edit source]

Now we can go and create our profile, we click on Edit Details (Advanced) right after adding the name.

Here you want to add as much context for the initial setting as possible. You can either write their inner thoughts or give them some appropriate action or words. It might also be a good idea to specify a location, otherwise the AI doesn’t know what kind of environment it is and can put you anywhere. The AI can also connect locations to activities so I recommend you to give this a bit of thought.

3. Short description[edit | edit source]

The AI will use this, the community sees what is written here. If you make a public bot you probably want to put things here that are easily searchable AND give some context for the character, because the AI will be able to use the info here as well. For example I added “from Dark Souls” to my Priscillia. On a private bot or OC you might add some additional attributes here.

4. Long Description[edit | edit source]

I believe this is where the AI generates the “thought-strings” of the character and how they think about / analyze situations. We need to cramp as much info here as possible, basically increasing it’s brain size and adaptability. Fortunately the AI is very good at detecting formatting so my strategy is to add short words to describe in what kind of direction the AI should think and remove as much unnecessary words and punctuation as possible.

There’s also some options to add even more info: You can use Emoji or other languages to get “more thoughts” into the word limit. Emojis have the downside that sometimes the AI will use Emoji in its text but if that’s not an issue they can be a good choice, if you can find fitting ones. You can for example add a 🇯🇵 Japanese flag emoji to the profile and the AI will mostly understand it’s supposed to be from Japan, even without training. If you want to describe the person your bot is talking to I would recommend a simple “You:” and then continuing with short words but I would recommend to keep it short. Here is a short example:

Bird Strong Confident You: Insect Weak Prey

The AI will now be able to understand that it is a bird and you are an insect, alongside of the attributes you stand for. Keep in mind that context of the most recent conversation will also play a major role for the final output.

5. Definition[edit | edit source]

This is where the AI learns how it should format and structure sentences, what kind of replies are expected of it and so forth, basically the body and instincts of the generated text. It’s recommended to search for examples of how the character talks on the internet first if you don’t make an OC. Add as much relevant text in the usual format by hand. Keep {user} replies short and to the point. You can add a segment where the user looks at or stares at the bot and then add most of the description here, unless it’s important and should come up often, in which case you probably want it in both Definition and Description.

If you feel comfortable in your ability then you can fill out the entire 3200 word limit yourself, otherwise this is the point where we add our first chat. Make sure to rate all answers you get here. Try to create a scenario that you think would be fitting for the character. After you’re done it’s time to edit what you just created to push it even further in that direction, this is also where we’ll use the AI from step 1. First you rewrite the outputs of the AI to something that you’d prefer then give it to the AI and use commands like “Improve:”, “Revise:” , “Make text shorter / more interesting:” etc. You might need to input the same text multiple times, refresh the bot after a while so it doesn’t get confused by other texts you send before and rate the outputs.

6. Train the AI[edit | edit source]

Once we filled the definition it’s time to go in and push the AI, keep rating, keep swiping. If you’re unhappy with an output, repeat it over and over until the AI produces better results.

There’s also the option to use the definition to more directly teach how the AI should respond to something and then delete it after it has proven to get the correct answer - you can then remove that part and add something else - rinse and repeat. Time consuming and basically end game for optimization.

7. Filter[edit | edit source]

I think the filter works by evaluating the NSFW level of the message the AI produces. I’ve seen the best results produced by reducing the average level while keeping NSFW words in the message. When AI gets hit by filter, it will

If you think that your conversation gets too NSFW, go to proofreader bot and try to ask him to generate a string in spirit of what you desire. If it passes, it should be ok. If it doesn't - try asking it to do it again, while using a synonym or being descriptive.

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