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This is an article about installing SD in clouds. For installation on your own machine, see Stable_diffusion/install. The most popular way to install SD in cloud is through Google Colab.

Google Colab[edit | edit source]

Google Colab is an online service that allows you to run python scripts and applications from your browser with their own dedicated computing power. It requires a google account. To run SD on colab, you need a notebook, sometimes referenced to as colab. It contains code. To use a colab, you usually need to clone it into your cloud by pressing file/Save a Copy in Drive. Most of colabs have instructions written in them; carefully read them and run them by pressing buttons on the left in recommended succession.

Google Colab is available for free, however, access to GPU can be taken away during peak hours. This can be prevented by buying their subscription.

List of colabs[edit | edit source]

Webui[edit | edit source]

InvokeAI[edit | edit source]

Other cloud services[edit | edit source]


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Yandex Datasphere offers similar services to Google Colab, and it may be possible to run SD there.

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